CPS Multi-Use Purchasing Card

The Only P-Card for business

CPS issues a multi-use MasterCard® that is set up and configured specifically for your organization's needs. The benefit of multi-use cards is that you can set up a cardholder to be able to use the card as a travel card, or purchasing card, or both.

Our program integrates card activity across categories, giving you a clear overview of company expenses so you can easily analyze spending patterns. With more detailed transaction reporting, you’ll be able to negotiate better deals with vendors.

The program lets you control expenses with customized purchasing restrictions, such as:

  • Daily or transaction limits
  • Limits on merchant type or category
  • Restrictions on geographic location
  • Custom limits for special projects or events

You can also set customized spending alerts and remove or adjust available funds as needed. CPS multi-use card solutions integrate with our online expense reporting tools to provide cardholder review allocation and management approval.

The CPS Multi-Card MasterCard® Benefits Include:

  • Industry-best controls for compliance to policies and guidelines
  • Customized preset spending limits to contain expenses
  • Real-time expense management and detailed reporting for enhanced decision-making and vendor negotiation
  • Eliminated time and hassle of 1099 reporting
  • Reduced transaction costs and monthly financial incentive
  • Universal acceptance with the powerful MasterCard® brand


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