Are Virtual Credit Cards Right For Your Business?

Virtual credit cards are right for you

A virtual credit card is a unique 16-digit credit card number used for a single vendor payment. Virtual credit cards are also called V-Cards, and ePayables. This form of payment is gaining traction in the payment industry as a valuable form of payment. Virtual credit card programs help automate the AP process, reduce fraud, and improve cash flow.

Could Your Organization Benefit From A Virtual Credit Card Program?

Find out if virtual credit cards are a good fit for your organization and if they could help increase your bottom line by downloading our checklist.

Taking the time to evaluate if virtual credit cards are right for your organization can be daunting and low on your list of priorities. To help you determine if an ePayables / Virtual Credit Card program is right for your organization, we created a checklist that asks questions about various elements of your payments program, such as –

  • Are more than 40% of your payments made by checks?
  • Has your organization suffered from actual or attempted fraud?
  • Do you manually reconcile your payment transactions?

Download the full checklist to learn if virtual credit cards are right for your organization.

Virtual Credit Card Checklist










Already have a program, but not sure if you could be doing more? Check out our ePayment Program Evaluation Checklist here.

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