Who Is CPS: Khaleah Warner

At CPS, our people are our most important asset. We are like one big extended family, and we thought it would be helpful if you got to know the family a little better. 

meet Khaleah Warner Khaleah Warner - Pay4You Team

Vendor Enrollment Specialist

What skills has working for CPS helped you improve?

  • Knowledge of the industry, I worked in the banking industry for 17 years and it operates on a completely different system, so it is interesting learning all about how this company runs.

What is your favorite thing about working for CPS & why?

  • The Employees - employee interaction both professionally and personally makes it easy enjoyable to work here.

Describe CPS in one word and explain why you chose that.

  • Fun, very relaxed environment, and the employees along with management make CPS a very fun and inviting atmosphere to work in.


Favorite vacation destination?

  • Paris, France

Best day of my life?

  • The days that my 3 children were born.


  • Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite song?

  • Encourage Yourself by Donald Laurence & The Tri City Singers

Go to cheat meal or favorite food?

  • Chips and salsa

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