Who Is CPS: Sam Hollman

At CPS, our people are our most important asset. We are like one big extended family, and we thought it would be helpful if you got to know the family a little better.

Meet Sam Hollman Sam Hollman

Vendor Verification Specialist

What skills has working for CPS helped improve?

  • Since I have started working for CPS, one key skill I know that has been improved are my verbal communication skills, working for other companies there is a lot of written communication, which is great to have, but CPS has really strengthened my ability to communicate with others. This is also my first time working in this industry so its really helped me gain a great amount of knowledge about something I may not have known about before.

What is your favorite thing about working for CPS & why?

  • My co-workers are extremely supportive, not only that but the company as a whole is as supportive as one could wish it would be. The team environment that is maintained here, I believe, helps us all work harder and more efficiently.

Describe CPS in one word and explain why you chose that.

  • CPS is such a creative work environment that makes working for them overall a fun thing to do.


Favorite vacation destination?

  • Blue Ridge Mountains

Best day of my life?

  • The day my son was born


  • Austell, Georgia

Favorite song?

  • PYT by Michael Jackson

Go to cheat meal or favorite food?

  • Authentic Ramon Noodles


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