What to Know for Year End with your AP Spend


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It is about that time of the year for family gatherings during the holidays. It is also the busiest time with year-end closing around the corner. With accounting checklists to complete, there just isn’t enough time to complete all the tasks. Overworked with extended workdays to meet deadlines are the norm; cutting into valuable time we can spend with our family during the holidays.

Planning for next year, consider ePayables as the solution for more efficiency in the workplace and more time at home. With the advent of ePayables, account payable is more paperless and painless than previous years.

According to RPMG research respondents, the savings on an ePayable solution is projected to save $26 per invoice processing and check. Eighty-two percent of respondents reported a decrease of checks usage after EAP adoption. In addition, suppliers accepting ePayable increased from 17% in 2015 to 24% in 2018. The solutions are promising for businesses but adaptation to ePayable has not been a straight path for business due to daunting amount of ePayable options.

As of 2016, Association of Finance Professionals discovered 51% of B2B payments were made by check with one percent increase from 2013. The amount of solutions available can be overwhelming for finance professional to find the best solution for their business needs. Compared to other ePayable solutions, CPS payment services is the leading provider of tailored ePayable solutions.

Here at CPS Payment services, we have the best team and technology available to support your ePayable needs. We can do it all for you through our Pay4You program (single-use Virtual Cards, ACH, Enhanced ACH, Checks, Multi-Use Purchasing Cards, and a variety of customizable solutions). Pay4You allows you to be worry free on paying bills on time and spend less time on IVR or supplier websites.

ePayables solution at CPS payment services provide total automated solutions with TotalPay, one hundred percent vendor contact for best rebate value, dedicated project team for transition, and proprietary CPS Payment Portal that works with all major ERP, legacy, and custom systems. 

Custom solutions for more specific AP needs are possible with proprietary CPS Payment Portal. Dedicated teams can provide custom configuration on different payment methods depending on your AP needs.

Next year, spend less time paying bills and writing checks. Trust us at CPS payment services to provide tailored solutions for your AP needs.

Keep your system. Change the way you make payments.