A Unique Solution Designed to Maximize Your Rebates

In the past, organizations have used credit cards to pay their bills and expenses to earn rewards points, airline miles, and cash rebates. Historically, organizations encounter challenges with credit card programs, including lack of automation, potential for fraud, lack of control, and earned rebates not up to expectations. These programs simply did not deliver the value that was intended.  

The CPS Virtual Card Program provides companies with the ability to utilize virtual credit card payments seamlessly within existing processes to create efficiencies and reduce costs, while maximizing earned rebates. Our Virtual Card Program is a unique solution focused on increasing back-office finance efficiencies and vendor participation while enhancing the rebate opportunities for your organization. Getting started is extremely fast and easy. Our proprietary technology only requires a simple payment file from your AP module to enable your organization to pay invoices with a one-time-use virtual MasterCard.

Learn How It Works Below.

The cps virtual card program



Your  Company Submit

CPS processes payments in the most efficient way for our customers. The payment batches can be imported through a payment file integration or a direct database linkage.



CPS Card Number

CPS generates a one-time use card and electronic remittance for each payment number generated from the source system for delivery to the supplier.



Your  Supplier Payment

We deliver an electronic remittance including invoice & payment level data in the preferred format of the supplier.



CPS Transaction
Files Returned

The CPS Payment Portal pulls real-time transaction status of authorizations and cleared payments.



Your  Company Payment

Reconciled payments can be delivered back into our customer’s Source/ERP System.

Overview & Features

The CPS Virtual Card Program provides a method to deliver payments electronically using a secure, one-time use MasterCard account number. These payments can only be processed by a vendor for the amount specified and reduces the cost of handling and mailing paper checks.

  • Increased value to the AP organization by earning rebates
  • Submit consolidated remittances for your suppliers electronically
  • Leverage existing vendor pay cycle (terms)
  • Secure payments through one time use feature (exact payment amount)
  • Reduced AP costs
  • Reduce financial risk and enhance financial controls

  Implementation And Setup

Your virtual credit card program can be up and running in as little as 7–15 days without eating up a bunch of your team’s time and resources. Speed matters because every check payment that goes out the door is a lost opportunity for rebate revenue and cost savings. A dedicated project manager will lead our in-house team of implementation specialists to integrate our system to your accounting software.


Vendor Enrollment

Vendor Enrollment

We offer the industry’s most advanced vendor enrollment approach—which means less effort for you with more benefits, including:

  • Automated payment type determinations.
  • In-house team of full-time specialists who understand the needs and pain points of your vendors
  • Substantial vendor network with 46% growth over the last two years
  • Multiple advanced enrollment techniques to maximize electronic payments.

Keep your system. Change the way you make payments.